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Don’t You Love Passwords?

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Passwords. Passwords. And more Passwords. Trying to remember my passwords drives me crazy. How about you?

Want to sign in to AOL, or Yahoo? Password.

Want to see your kids while you talk to them on Skype? Password.

I can’t even get anything to come up on my computer unless I first give it a Password.

Every time we sign into a protected system we must provide certain information so that the system knows we are who we say we are. If you don’t know your personal “password,” the system won’t let you in. Geeks in the know caution us to use cryptic number-letter combinations that are totally random.

It’s almost as if we need our “secret name” to personalize us, to make some kind of sense to us, to identify something unique about us. Maybe a personal password, complete with secret meaning just for us, takes away some of the anonymity of the Internet.

But the ultimate, unrepeatable identifier for each one of us has yet to be mapped out. Leonard Sweet calls them “soul scans.” We do not have the ability to perform “soul scans” on people who come before us. The secrets locked in the heart and mind, the honesty of our words and the authenticity of our deeds, the motivations behind all our actionsthese are locked deep in the recesses of our souls. A God Buzz

Jesus said. “It’s not what goes into your mouth that defiles you. You are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth” (Matthew 15:11).

The Greek word “psyche” is often translated as “soul,” but it can also more extensively mean “life.” It is our soul-life that still keeps its secrets.

Thanks to Leonard Sweet for these words.

Your soul is too deep to explore… those who always swim in the shallow end.

Your soul has no rainbow…..if your eyes have no tears.

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