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Fear follows us,
Fear Stalks us,
Fear controls us,
Fear is all we Think.

Fear sleeps with us,
Fear eats with us,
Fear surrounds us,

Fear is everywhere.

Fear can be stopped,
Fear can go away,
Fear is only an emotion,
Fear can be stopped,

Stopped by Love.

By Corey Fauchon

What are some of the things you are afraid of as the coronavirus spreads? Who or what will help you deal with your fears? Do you share your fears with Jesus?

We are all inundated with the media’s messages on the coronavirus. We are all living in a different world than a couple of weeks ago – stores and restaurants are closed as well as schools and churches. We are told to stay home and to stay at least six feet away from others. We must keep washing our hands! All these messages are having a devastating effect on our inner life – our emotions and our spiritual life. 

I will be sending out Special Daily Treats to help with the fears, the isolation, the loneliness and the aggravation that we all feel. I firmly believe that this is as important a message as the precautions and the coronavirus number count. Both of these Daily Treats will probably arrive at the same time. 

I would especially love to hear from you and how you are doing along with your comments, questions and suggestions. My email address is: This is the address I check throughout the day. 

Please listen to my Daily Treats on my Podcast. The email I send you each day has the title of the article underlined. Please click on the underlined title. You will then see the picture for the day along with the article. Just click on the triangle in the little green circle next to the Treats for the Soul logo and you can listen to the Podcast for that day. 

Please invite your family and your friends to subscribe. We need to assist each other through these trying times with help and strength from the Lord.    Blessings!!

Fr. Med Laz

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