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Feed My Sheep

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Jesus lived three years with his disciples. They went everywhere together and did everything together. 

They ate, slept, and breathed the life of Jesus and yet it was difficult for them to make the transition in their minds from a Messiah who would be a mighty King of the Jews to a Messiah that would die for the sins of humankind. But Jesus never wavered in his mission. 

Throughout his entire ministry among the people and his training of the disciples he held in his heart this hope: That Peter along with the rest of his disciples would lose their earthly ambitions and become feeders of sheep — fishers of men and women.

The very first words of Jesus when he and Peter met at the waters was, “Follow me, and I will make you a fisher of men.” Three years later, his very last words to Peter, again down at the waters of the Sea of Galilee, and after his resurrection, were, “Feed my sheep, Follow me.”

Thanks to Brett Blair for these thoughts.

Jesus did not say “Lead my flock.” He says as clearly, briefly, and emphatically as possible, repeating it twice, “Follow  me . . . Follow me.”  Imagine what Peter feels.  He has been forgiven. He is still loved. He has been told to  resume the work that Jesus has started. He has been warned that his life will end just as Jesus’ had ended. And yet, he grabs on with both hands and begins his ministry. Following Jesus means feeding and caring for others, wherever and whoever they are, using the gifts that God has given to us.

What does it mean for YOU personally to follow Jesus right this moment?  How do YOU follow Jesus in your family relationships? How do YOU follow Jesus in the life of your church? In YOUR work place? In YOUR neighborhood?  How do YOU follow Jesus in today’s political climate? Jesus might be calling YOU to something very different now than he has been in the past. 


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