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Filling Up Your Soul!

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One Sunday a mother was getting her five-year old daughter ready for church. 

The little girl asked, “Mommy, why do we go to church?” Her mother answered, “Honey, we go to church to find Jesus.” During the mass the five-year old was looking all around her. After church she said to her mother, “Mommy, I looked all over the church today and I could not find Jesus anywhere.”

            That story reminds me of the crowds in today’s Gospel (John 6:41-51). They followed after Jesus because he was healing them and feeding them by multiplying the loaves and fish. But they weren’t really searching for Jesus. They were searching for a Messiah, a political leader who would get rid of the Romans who conquered them and were taxing them to death.

             When Jesus looked at them, he didn’t see empty stomachs, he saw empty souls. You and I have full stomachs after a big meal. But a full stomach lasts only a little while. A full soul lasts forever. 

Jesus tells us today that the only thing that can fill your soul is the Bread of Life. You and I can’t just stay in the bakery. We need to get in the delivery truck and share Jesus with others. People we know and meet are starving for Jesus. This is the main reason we are having so much strife and turmoil in our country and world. People are starving for Jesus. Share your story with them about how Jesus feeds you and brings you joy. 

Via an email, a phone call or in person, how can YOU share Jesus with someone this week who is spiritually hungry!


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