Finding God In All Things

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While studying at Loyola University in Chicago I discovered that Finding God in all things is at the core of Ignatian Spirituality. I thought this was such an interesting concept. 

I challenged myself to find God wherever I could. I found God in some obvious places but also I was caught by surprise in other places where I would find God. 

For a while I drove to work with the radio off so as not to be distracted in my search. I often found God in the world and people around me. Then one day I found one of those drivers riding my bumper. Eventually he passed me, honking his horn and cut me off. (By the way, I was exceeding the speed limit at the time.) 

How was I to find God in this person? I wondered why he was so impatient and in such a hurry. I thought, “Maybe he was rushing to the hospital to meet a relative in the emergency ward. Or maybe he was late for work and feared being fired. Or perhaps his insecurities made him desire to want to be ahead of everyone else.” 

At that moment I found God within my inner peace and the fact that I did not share this person’s anxiety. I prayed for him the rest of ride. 

Today I try to find God in a pandemic. I have heard of parents discovering their children as they have become both teacher and parent. In this discovery they are finding God. 

I am sure many patients are finding God in the people that care for them. Likewise I am sure that many first responders are finding God in the people they serve and protect. 

I continue to struggle to find God in this pandemic. What I also discovered through my studies was that the destination was not as important as the journey itself. So I continue my journey to look for God in all things. I hope that you will too.

By  Jim Vaughan, MASp, PMP Retired

Do YOU ever give other drivers the benefit of the doubt on the highway? Do you ever consider what they might be going through?

How have YOU been trying to find God during the pandemic?

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