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Finding Our Way

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Christian author Max Lucado visited New York City just a few days after the attacks of September 11, 2001. 

On a ride around the city, Lucado asked his taxi driver if his life was any different since the attacks. 

The driver replied, “I keep getting lost.” He explained that he had always looked to the World Trade Towers to get his bearings while driving around the city. 

Now that the giant towers are gone, he said, “I can’t get my bearings anymore.”

Many of us can relate to that man’s problem. After a sudden tragedy in our lives, we feel like we can’t get our bearings anymore either.

What has happened in YOUR life that has caused YOU to lose your bearings? What have you concretely done to restore your bearings in life? 

Jesus has a knack of helping us to find our bearings. I think you will enjoy reading about how Jesus does this in my new book, THE GATHERING…..

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