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Forgiveness and Peace!

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Leslie Weatherhead (1893-1976) was an English theologian. In his book Psychology in Service Of The Soul, he tells of a woman who came to him on the verge of a breakdown. 

She was in a pitiable state, manifesting all the physical symptoms of great distress. It was hard for him to determine what was really the matter. At last it came out. There had been a rift between herself and her brother. Natural love and acquired love had set her soul in opposite camps, warring against itself. 

The solution to her distress and to all her sleepless nights was Christ’s answer to Peter’s question! “How often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Seven times?” Jesus’ answer was the secret she had been desperately searching for: “Seventy times seven!”

The woman sat down and wrote her brother a letter, inviting him to her home, and this terrible chapter in her life came to an and.

Thanks to Paul Sherer for sharing this. 

I had a similar situation in my own life with my father. I finally had to sit down and write him a letter and slip it under the door of the apartment where he was living. Our relationship improved dramatically once he read my letter. I often counsel others who are in a similar quandary to do the same – write a letter and put your heart and soul in it. Then let God do the rest!

How have YOU resolved a situation in YOUR life like the woman in the story or that I had with my father? If it is not resolved, what might YOU do? 


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