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The historian Arnold Toynbee in his monumental work “The Study of History” notes that there are four kinds of saviors that have appeared on history’s stage. 

There is the savior with a scepter who is a politician, the savior with a book who is a philosopher, the savior with the sword who is a military leader, and the savior who has presented himself as a demigod

However, they all have succumbed to the last enemy – THEY ALL DIED!

The Christian faith contends . . . that the only savior who is qualified to deliver us, to bring us hope, and to save us is Jesus of Nazareth, the Galilean carpenter, because he is the only one to conquer death.

The world may drag you down a hundred times……

But Jesus will always be there to lift you up a thousand times. 

Spend some time today reflecting on Jesus, your Savior — the only person who can and will GIVE YOU A LIFE BEYOND THE GRAVE. 

I invite you to check out my new novel – THE GATHERING – where I present Jesus as a gardener and a flower peddler. Please go to Amazon Books — THE GATHERING by MEDARD LAZ.  Enjoy!!

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