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There is a ridiculous story about a group of animals in the jungle who decided to have a football game. 

The problem was that no one could tackle the rhinoceros. Once he got a head of steam, he was unstoppable. When he received the opening kickoff, he rambled for a touchdown. The score was seven to nothing immediately. 

Somehow, they managed to keep the ball away from him the remainder of the first quarter. At the beginning of the second quarter, the other team tied the score 7 to 7. 

The lion tried to warn the zebra on the kickoff not to kick it to the rhinoceros. But the zebra ignored the warning. The rhino caught the ball and there he was racing for the touchdown. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he was brought down with a vicious tackle. When the animals unpiled, it was discovered that a centipede had made the tackle. 

“That was fantastic!” congratulated the lion. “But where were you on the opening kickoff?” 

The centipede replied, “I was still putting on my shoes.” 

The moral of the story: You only need to be the size of a centipede to bring down a rhinoceros. But you have to get up each morning, put on your shoes and get into action. It’s amazing what you and Jesus can do together in our world, once you put on your shoes and get going!!

Thanks to King Duncan for this story.

Those that complain the most are the ones who do the least. 

Ten years ago I sat next to Blake Mycoskie at a conference in New York. In 2006 he met a woman who volunteered in delivering shoes to those who had no shoes in poor countries. Blake liked the idea so much that he developed a business plan that would provide a pair of free shoes to a poor person for every pair that was bought in the US.  

He called his company Tom’s Shoes, the first 3 letters of the word “tomorrow”. His original concept was called, “Shoes for Tomorrow.” His company has become highly profitable and millions of people around the world are wearing shoes because of Blake. 

Fourteen year ago Blake was just a little centipede who literally put on his own shoes in the morning so he could help millions of others have shoes as well. I truly enjoyed my time of sharing with Blake Mycoskie. I am always on the lookout and I hope to find other centipedes like him.

Are the problems in our world so big that a little centipede like you can’t put on your shoes in the morning and do something about them?

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself, 
It’s About Discovering Who God Created You To Be!

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