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Get Rid of Your Anger

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Don’t let your anger fester and grow. Act quickly. Get rid of it. It will do you no good.

Author Kent Crockett tells about Sam and Jacqueline Pritchard, a British couple, who started receiving mysterious phone calls to their home in the middle of the night. The person on the other end never said anything. After a long pause, he would hang up.

The Pritchard’s changed their phone number to stop the harassing night calls. The stalker changed his tactic. He started sending them obscene and threatening anonymous letters in the mail. Then the problems escalated. The couple discovered their house had been daubed with paint, and their tires were slashed. 

The Pritchard’s became prisoners in their own home and spent a small fortune on a security system. Here’s what was puzzling — they had no idea what they had done to deserve such cruel treatment.

After four months of unexplained terrorism, they finally met the perpetrator. Mr. Pritchard caught James McGhee, a 53-year-old man, while he was damaging their car. As they looked at each other, Pritchard asked McGhee, “Why are you doing this to us?”

McGhee responded, “Oh, no!! I’ve got the wrong man!”

McGhee thought he was terrorizing a different man named Pritchard, who had been spreading rumors about him. He found the Pritchard’s in the telephone directory and assumed the husband was the person responsible for slandering him. He got the wrong Pritchard.

What an absurd turn of events, but anger has a tendency to do funny things to us. It blinds us to reality. It blinds us to consequences. It blinds us to the irrational harm that may come from our rage. For your own best interest, if you are angry with someone, let it go. Act quickly before you cause yourself and them any harm.

Thanks to King Duncan

What deep-seated anger, one you don’t even want to think or talk about, do you need to deal with?


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