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Give God the Glory

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J. S. Bach became known worldwide for his remarkable musical talent, but he never ceased to credit his Creator as the one who was responsible for his ability

The pages of his musical compositions could well have been used to satisfy a personal pride as his name appeared on them. But he was determined to give glory to God for his accomplishments. 

So he always concluded his original compositions with the three letters INS. They stood for the Latin words meaning “In the name of Christ.”

At other times Bach began his score with the letters JJ, meaning “Jesus help,” and then ended his composition with the letters SDG for the Latin Solo Deo Gloria, meaning, “To God be the glory.”

We are the recipients of so much that comes to us from God. Do we “proclaim” that fact and turn acclaim away from ourselves and offer it to our God who deserves it?”  A God Provide

Thanks to Harold Lentz

Here Are Some Moments to Consider Today:

Happy Moments       Praise God

Difficult Moments     Seek God

Quiet Moments        Worship God

Painful Moments     Trust God

Every Moment         Thank God

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