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God Does Not Desert Us!

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I find it strange that God has never deserted me. I don’t understand that kind of grace. I do not deserve God’s eternal presence. Yet, God has forever identified with the human dilemma. 

There may not be a soul in the world who truly understands your feelings. God understands. Everything in your life may fall away. God will never fall away.

In Tom Brokaw’s book, The Greatest Generation, a story is told about Mary Wilson. You would never have known by looking at this modest woman that she was the recipient of the Silver Star and she bore the nickname “The Angel of Anzio.”

When the Allies got bogged down in the boot of Italy during World War II, they attempted a daring breakout by launching an amphibious landing on the Anzio Beach. Unfortunately, the Allies got pinned down at the landing site and came dangerously close to being driven back into the ocean. It looked like another Dunkirk was in the making.

Mary Wilson was the head of the fifty-one Army nurses who went ashore at Anzio. Things got so bad that bullets zipped through her tent as she assisted the surgeon in surgery. When the situation continued to deteriorate arrangements were made to get all of the nurses out. 

But Mary Wilson would have none of it. She refused to leave at the gravest hour. As she related her story years later, she said: “How could I possibly leave them. I was a part of them.”

Our God is a good God. God does not desert us in our hour of need. God hears the cries of Israel. God hears the cries of the church. God hears the cries of his children. Christmas is about God’s eternal identification with the human dilemma and with each one of us.

Think of a most difficult time when YOU chose to not desert YOUR family, friends, company or country? 


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