God Knows I’m Worth It!

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There was a nurse who served faithfully in an isolated clinic in West Virginia’s mountains.

 A physician from the nearest city would come out one day per week. He noticed how the nurse gave far more of herself than anyone could expect. He knew how substandard her salary was. 

One day he said to her, “Nurse, why don’t you get out of this backward, isolated community and go where you can earn a good salary? God knows you are worth it.”

With a smile, she answered kindly, “If God knows I’m worth it, that’s what really matters to me.”

God knows how much you are worth. Don’t ever let anybody’s criticism make you forget it.

Thanks to Bill Bouknight for this story

What does God know about your worth, especially during this pandemic, that other people do not know?   Why do you say that?

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