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God Knows We Are Coming!

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A small boy, with his father, was in an elevator going up in the Willis Tower in Chicago. As they flashed by the eighty-second floor heading higher, the lad, in considerable anxiety, seized his father’s hand, and in an awestruck whisper, said, “Does God know we are coming?”

This is an amusing story. Seriously, I’d like to answer the boy’s question. Yes, God knows we are coming! He knows we are coming to stand before him. God knows we are on our way. God knows how far we’ve come, all the paths we’ve taken in our lives. God knows how far we have yet to go.

God also knows precisely how difficult the road is, how dim the road signs sometimes are – and God is doing a lot of things to help us along the way. God has given us the Bible and has invited us to consult with him in prayer. And God has given us our faith community, the Church. God has given us the sacraments. God has given us the sabbath, the Lord’s Day, as a time for recovering our strength and finding guidance for the journey that is ahead.

Yes, God knows we are coming. God wants us to arrive safely and to have a pleasant journey. And God is doing so much every day to help us along our way. 

A good friend of mine, Gloria Walkowak, passed away at the age on 85 on June 2, 2022. Gloria was a fantastic woman. I was involved with her and her husband Jim in Marriage Encounter in the 1970’s. Gloria’s loving family gathered around her as she was about to leave this world. She looked at them, told them how much she loved them, then looked up to heaven, smiled, and spoke her last three words: “I’m comin’ up!” With those three words Gloria passed away.

Thanks to Clay LeConey for the picture. 

Do YOU feel that God knows YOU are coming? How often do YOU consider this? 


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