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President Calvin Coolidge was a man of very few words. His nickname, as you know, was “Silent Cal.”

Before he became the President of the United States, one of the offices he ran for and was elected to, was as mayor of Northampton, Massachusetts. It was a relatively close race and he won by 190 votes.

The following day he was walking down the street, and a friend came up to him who was a Democrat (Coolidge was a Republican) and said, “Calvin, I read in the paper this morning where you were elected the mayor, but I just wanted you to know I didn’t vote for you.” Coolidge just looked at him and said, “Well somebody did.”

God voted for me and you to be a part of His work and to labor in his vineyard. But just as the people who voted for Calvin Coolidge didn’t have to vote for him, neither did God have to choose you or me.

That’s why we must never forget that to be involved in the work of God is not a duty or a chore, it is a privilege. A God Alert

With help from King Duncan

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