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God Works From the Inside!

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A six-year old boy was assisting his mother with some spring gardening. The mother was absorbed in her work while the little boy explored the miracle of growing things exploding everywhere.

All at once the boy picked up a daffodil bud, and sat down on the ground, and studied it.
Then with his two little hands, he tried to force it open into a full blossom. The result, of course, was disappointment and a mess: limp petals and a dead flower.

Frustrated, he cried out, “Mommy, why is it that when I try to open the buds, it just falls to pieces and dies. How does God open it into a beautiful flower?”

Even before his mother could answer, a broad smile broke across the child’s face, and he exclaimed, Oh! I know! God always works from the inside. A God Flash

That is a parable of the Kingdom. God works from the inside. His kingdom is alive and it is growing within.

This is what we celebrate on this May 1st, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. What was so great about Joseph was not what he did with his hands as a carpenter. Joseph was so great a human being because of his openness that allowed God to work inside of him. This is where God works his greatest masterpiece. A God Provide

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