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God’s Dike!

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Much of Holland was once part of the ocean. But the industrious Dutch built great dikes far out in the shallow sea, and so reclaimed the land. 

As their dikes hold the ocean back, on the landward side the people occupy their homes, farmers till their land, and the wheels of commerce turn.

Many of the rural lowlanders have a quaint way of referring to Sunday, the Christian sabbath. They speak of it as God’s dike. 

Why? one might ask. Because what God’s people do on this day each week serves society in the same way a dike serves the land. As the dike holds back the sea, so does Sunday and the worship experience help to hold back the flood of evil which is forever threatening to overflow God’s people.

God interposes the instruction and inspiration of Christian worship as a bulwark against doing wrong. The Christian sabbath is civilization’s strongest social buttress against the overwhelming flood of evil and fear and despair which are forever pressing hard upon us. By means of it, the forces of righteousness are made stronger against all the powers that would undo us.

What we do in worship every Sunday is to strengthen our dikes, to help keep them in good repair. On Sunday we are not merely doing something for ourselves – we are also doing something for the world. 

We are taking part in an unceasing effort which involves many millions of people and stretches over many centuries of time. Let’s be aware of the vast enterprise we’re involved in every Sunday, and let’s be glad we’re in it.

Thanks to Unsplash for the photo

Have YOU ever thought of Sunday as being God’s dike and going to church as an effort by ALL of God’s People to contain the forces of evil that are all around us?


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