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God’s Lost and Found!

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Everyone has lost something at one time or another.  There is even a website now at that acts as a global ‘lost and found’ box.  Users can report items missing and users can report items found.  

It is a good example of how technology can help people connect in a useful way. This is a gateway site for all of the physical things that can be retrieved and returned to their rightful owners.  

According to their statistics, about twice as many objects have been reported lost as have been reported found in the U.S.  So, the site’s users are losing things at twice the rate they are finding them. A few years ago I lost my laptop computer at the airport in Budapest, Hungary. After two months I fortunately got it back!

Haven’t we all had the experience of losing things that we know deep down we will never recover? Depending on the situation, we can feel disappointed, heartbroken, hopeless, or simply discouraged by our own inability to keep up with things.  

Isn’t it a wonderful relief to know that we ourselves will never fall into the ‘Lost Forever’ category?  Isn’t it reassuring to know that God will never give up on us?  Let us include a word of thanks in our prayers this week to acknowledge how grateful we are for that kind of gracious love that only God the Father can bestow on us. 

SOME OF THE GREATEST SAINTS WERE ONCE LOST, EVEN FOR A LONG TIME….AND THEN WERE FOUND. “Things take the time they take. Don’t worry. How many roads did St. Augustine follow before he became St. Augustine?” Mary Oliver

Think of a time when YOU were lost in YOUR relationship with God, even for a short time, and then YOU were found by God. 


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