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In our world today, we all have had to learn to live with “Call Options”. No matter if you call a business, a hospital or another organization, you don’t get to speak to a human being anymore.

The other day I was waiting on the phone for what seemed to be “an eternity”. I began to wonder what would happen if God decided to install Voice Mail or Call Options.

Imagine praying or hearing this:“Press #1 for Requests. Press #2 for Giving Thanks. Press #3 for Complaints. Press #4 for All Other Personal Inquires. Press #5 for Information on the Whereabouts of Deceased Family Members or Friends. Press #6 for Your Future Reservation in Heaven. 

“Heaven is closed for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim holidays. Please pray again on Monday morning at 8:30 AM. If you need Emergency Assistance when this office is closed, please contact your local priest, minister, rabbi or imam.”

And then while waiting, we would hear a never-ending loop of King David singing one of his psalms or Mary singing the Magnificat. 

Every minute a familiar voice would cut back in: “I’m sorry, but heaven is busy helping other sinners right now. However, your prayer is important to us. It will be answered in the order it was received. So please stay on the line.”

After fifteen minutes, the voice would say,“Our computers show that you have already prayed three times today. So please hang up and try again tomorrow.” 

This was the very first Daily Treat I posted on October 7, 2018. I’ve always enjoyed it! What thoughts or smiles does it bring to YOU about YOUR prayers and YOUR future in heaven? 


With all of the people who tell me that the Daily Treat is the first thing they read each morning, how they discuss them with their family members and how it has had such a wonderful impact on their spiritual lives, I can’t figure out why they don’t tell or encourage many others to sign on. IT’S FREE! I was recently at a gathering with someone who reads and has been praising the Daily Treats for three years. She has told me she shares them with many others. Yet none of her family members and friends at the gathering had heard of it. I passed out my card and now I’m hearing how much the new people love getting it every morning. I’m surprised that various groups within a parish have not signed up – women’s club, teachers, choir members, men’s club, Knights of Columbus, lectors, eucharistic ministers, RCIA members, junior-hi and high school students, as well as adult education members. You can ask to put a blurb in your parish bulletin. Remember, IT’S FREE!!

Don’t be shy or reticent about letting your priest, minister or deacon know about and the Daily Treats. This is a great way for you to help make a difference in the lives of others. One reader received the gift of sobriety!! And there are no spiritual or heavenly Call Options to listen to!!

“Another food for thought. A dinner discussion winner! Thank you!”  — Kathy

“Thank you for your insight, wisdom and courage. Your words speak the truth we all know in our hearts but too often choose not to live in our lives. The words I know in my heart but too often I choose not to live in my life. Thank you for the blessing you are. May God continue the good work that God is doing in and through you!”  —  Pat

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