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Going the Distance

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In these days of specialization, it is rare to see a professional baseball pitcher last through nine innings of a game. If he does, it is called “going the distance.”

More often than not, a pitcher will grow tired. His fastballs start to lose a little of their zip, and the curveballs are not as sharp as they were at the beginning of the game.

The manager will go to the mound and signal to the bullpen for a relief pitcher. Especially in recent years the strength of a professional baseball team has many times been judged by the strength and performance of those relief pitchers who come in and complete the game.

In these days of selfishness and putting ourselves first, it is rare to see a love that lasts and lasts, that “goes the distance.” More often than not, those of us who should be demonstrating this kind of love grow tired and weary as the “game” wears on.

Our demonstrations of love are not as caring, and the compassion grows a little less Christlike. Is it not time that we begin to love others with a love that heals, a love that goes the distance and finishes its work? A God Alert

Real love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place…..

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