•   Since 2018 Hearts for Humanity has been working closely with and financially supporting the Haiti STEM Alliance (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and its founder, Raygine Francois.

  •   Hearts for Humanity is helping to sponsor a six-week 2024 Summer World Robotics Olympiad Summer Camp for 150 students who will work in small groups. The best group will participate in national and international competition.

  •   Hearts for Humanity is working with the Christian Fellowship Community of Northwestern Mutual to provide laptops that are being used to teach STEM education, Coding and Inquiry-Based learning. For the entire 2024-2025 school year 1,000 students at 5 schools will learn a variety of computer skills and Inquiry-Based learning.

  •   Hearts for Humanity has launched a Haiti Dreamers program to provide education to students who will study hard and who want to succeed. Private schooling will be provided free from grammar school through high school.