This past year was a difficult one in Haiti. There was a lot of civil unrest against the president and his government. So public and private schools were often closed since September.

And now with the spread of the coronavirus, schools are mostly closed.

On February 21st I met with Raygine Francois, who is the head of the STEM Alliance in Haiti and with whom I work closely. Raygine lives and works in Haiti. Hearts for Humanity and your donations have been supporting her work. We spent the day visiting the North Broward Prep in Coconut Creek, FL. It is a cutting edge private school, with students from all over the world. 

We were so impressed with the critical thinking process the children were learning and how empathy and helping others was embedded in so many classes. We are ready to partner several prototype schools in Haiti with North Broward Prep once the Covid-19 and political crises pass. 

In the afternoon Raygine and I met with the CEO of Food for the Poor. They are ready to help us. Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects are ready to roll. We continue to work with and support the wonderful work Food for the Poor is doing in Haiti.

During this time of isolation and staying safe, Hearts for Humanity is not sitting still. We are creating and using videos that broadcast STEM education and critical thinking. Not many students have the use of the internet, but there are internet centers throughout Haiti that are in use. The students are most interested in learning and there are ways of reaching them. 

I hope you will continue to support our efforts. Your donation to Hearts for Humanity will be used now and in the future to provide the problem-solving and critical thinking that is so needed in Haiti. As everyone says, these are unprecedented times, but we must build for the future.