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The first man was a hard worker. He was always ready to help anyone who had a need. Wherever he was, he pitched in and gave of himself.

Some said, “What a fool! Everyone takes advantage of him.”  A God Whisper

The second man was a friendly, cheerful optimist. Laughter and smiles were always daily gifts he gave. When misfortune came and went, he laughed it off. He tried to be friends with everyone he met. He even complimented his enemies and paid no attention to their scorn.   A God Touch

Some said, “He doesn’t realize he is making a fool of himself. He is just as happy as though he had good sense.”

And the third man loved to share his advice and his experiences with his friends. He talked about his adventures and pointed out his own mistakes. He shared and gave away much of what he had, just for the sake of friendship.   A God Provide

Some said, “He is a fool! Who cares about his experiences. His friends won’t pay his bills later on. Why let others know you made mistakes? Friendship is short-lived.”

The fourth man was called wise. He planned well. He invested wisely. He amassed a considerable nest-egg.  He kept his opinions to himself. People were amazed at his wealth. He said little and kept his secrets to himself. When he died the wolves gathered to divide his spoil.

They said, “He was a shrewd man! No one ever took advantage of him.”

The three fools heard Jesus say, “I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” (Matthew 25:40) These were not just words, they were put into action.  Lent is a great time to put Jesus’ words into action.

WAS THE WISE MAN REALLY WISE?   Happy April Fools’ Day to all you Fools! St. Paul tells us to go and be a Fool for the sake of Jesus. 

How are YOU being a Fool for the sake of Jesus during this coronavirus pandemic? Today is a good day to be a Fool for Jesus!

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