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On this Mother’s Day I am reminded of the story about a mother’s only son who was going off to the university. As a good and loving mother, she was most concerned about her son’s well-being. So she wrote this letter to the president of the university where her son was going:

“Dear Sir: “My son has been accepted for admission to your university and he soon will be leaving me. I am writing to ask that you give your personal attention to the selection of his roommate. 

“I want to be sure that his roommate is not the kind of person who uses foul language, tells off-color jokes, smokes, drinks, or chases after girls. I hope you will understand why I am appealing to you directly. You see, this is the first time my son will be away from home, except for the three years he was in the Marine Corps.”

Only a mother could write a letter like that. Thank God there are mothers like that. For a mother has the hard and difficult job of loving her child totally and unselfishly, and yet has the task of letting go. 

In today’s Gospel (John 10:27-30), I feel that Jesus identifies himself with mothers when he says: “My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish. No one can take them out of my hand.” 

A mother gives birth not only to an earth-bound human being, but to a child with a soul who is destined to live in love with God forever.

Jesus saw himself as the Good Shepherd, who so loved his sheep, that he gave his own life for them. This is how Jesus loves you and me – completely and unconditionally, laying down his own life for us. 

So often we think that love is meant to give us happiness, as when we fall in love. The truth of the matter is – love may well bring us a lot of pain. Love is rarely, if ever, on our own terms.

Consider how Jesus, throughout his life, suffered when he was misunderstood, rejected, ridiculed, dismissed and attacked. Yet the Love that Counts….Is the Love that CostsMothers may shop at discount stores, but at home, they pay the full price. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, worked many miracles, but on the cross, he paid the full price. To Jesus and to our mothers, the Love that Counts….Is the Love that Costs

                                                HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

Please reflect upon the times YOUR mother gave to YOU without counting the cost!


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