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Has YOUR Warranty Run Out?

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In a Peanuts cartoon, Linus tells Charlie Brown, “When I hear those coyotes howling at night, it totally depresses me. I start to feel lonely …….Then I get scared.”

Charlie Brown says, “I thought holding onto that blanket made you secure.”

Linus replies, “I think the warranty has run out.”

Isn’t that true for us? We fear life, we fear death, and everything in between. We are afraid of little things like a black cat crossing our path or spilled salt. Or, leaving our home at night lest we become a victim of crime. 

Or, the fear that floods our hearts as we wait for the doctor to tell us if we have cancer. Or, the fear that startles us when the shrill sound of the telephone jolts us awake in the middle of the night. And now, most especially, you and I and every person on our Planet Earth have so many fears because of the coronavirus pandemic and fear over the war going on in Ukraine.,  

The antidote to our fears is found in the coming of Jesus into our world. The first words of Adam were: “I was afraid.” But the first words spoken at the birth of Jesus were: “Don’t be afraid.”

With all the uncertainty in our world today, do YOUR words sound more like Adam or more like what was spoken when Jesus was born?  Adam was only human….Jesus was divine!


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