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I want to tell you a lie. Hate is an emotion we can’t help. Hate is a feeling we cannot overcome. If we hate someone, it is because we just can’t help ourselves. We’re human. We have no choice but to hate. 

That is a lie. Unfortunately, it is a lie many people believe. They believe this lie in order to excuse their hatred. After all, if we can’t help but hate, if hate is a feeling we simply cannot help, then hatred is never our fault, is it? 

But we can help it. Hatred is a choice. We choose to hate, just as we choose to love. 

Oh, I know, there are people out there who believe love isn’t a choice, that love is primarily an emotion, a feeling, a stirring in the loins. These are the same people who stay married for six months, then divorce. These are the people who love the idea of love but seem unable to stay in it. 

Love is a matter of the will – something we decide to do. Love is a choice.

By Philip Gulley

Throughout life
People will make you mad,
Disrespect you and treat you bad.
Let God deal with the things they do,
Cause hate in your heart
Will consume you too.

How do YOU feel hate in a way that you have a hard time admitting?

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