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Have a Heart

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Sometimes life can break a heart – 
it cannot stand the strain.
But no one lives a life, we know,
that does not have some pain. 

There are so many people,
so many broken hearts,
needing just s little help –
perhaps a few spare parts.

Your gift can save a mom or dad
or help a child survive.
You can mend a broken heart
and keep someone alive.

Your life can keep on giving
even when you’re gone.
You will go on living
as someone else lives on.

You see, there are so many lives
that you can help to mend.
Be a gift. Have a heart.
Be the one to save a life:
your life will live again. 

By Daniel Mark Extrom

How do YOU plan to live on after you are gone by mentoring the young or mending a life?

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