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Hear the Ocean in a Seashell

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A tourist stood for long periods of time upon the beach, facing away from the ocean, pressing a seashell against his ear. 

The water lapped at his feet, the sun beamed down upon his head and shoulders, and the waves crashed just behind him. Firmly, he pressed the seashell against his ear. He wanted to hear the powerful surge of the ocean as it heaved and rolled.

See the picture in your mind’s eye: a man standing with his back to the ocean, attempting to hear the ocean in a seashell. Although in the presence of the very thing he was seeking, he was oblivious to the reality of the ocean right behind him. 

Some people have difficulty in recognizing that they have caught up to what they have been chasing, or are in the presence of the object of their desire. Such persons, in their extreme forms, are always running but never arriving, always searching but never discovering, always looking but never seeing, always measuring but the numbers are forever wrong. They are reminiscent of the man standing by the sea listening for the sound of the ocean in a seashell.

Thanks to Larry Powell

Who might YOU recognize as standing by the ocean pressing a seashell or a smart phone against their ear?


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