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Hope Is Not Lost

When the desperation hit
When the people cried in the streets
When everything felt at loss
Hope stayed, even though fleeing would be easier

When the eyes were full of tears.
When kids and families were torn apart
By that last desperate grasp
Hope tried

When all else gave up
When all else backed off
When people lost all they had
Hope flew

When they cried
When the world was shocked with desperation and despair
When nothing seemed good 
Hope worked

When those four planes crashed
When the buildings fell
When the lives were lost
Hope was there

Hope was only a tiny glimmer
Hope was still there
She ran to those who needed her
She worked to help

When all else failed
Hope didn’t
She flew through us all
Letting us know, we still had her          
We just needed to look hard enough

Hope was there
Hope remembers 

By Jessica Millsaps

How are YOU a PERSON of HOPE during this coronavirus pandemic?

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