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How Do YOU Check Up on Yourself?

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One day a pharmacist in a local store observed a young boy sitting nearby as his parents were shopping. He overheard the boy talking on his cell phone: “Hello, sir, I’m calling to see if you need a boy to cut your lawn. Oh! You already have someone. Well, is he doing a good job? Oh, he is. Well, thank you!”

The pharmacist who overheard the young boy couldn’t help but say to him: “Gee, I’m sorry you didn’t get the job.”

“Oh no,” said the boy, “I’ve got the job, I was just calling to check up on myself and see how I was doing.”

Who do you and I call to check up on ourselves? Our cars need checkups. Our heating and air conditioning units need checkups. Our bodies need physical and medical checkups.

How about our souls? How about our spiritual and our emotional life? Am I a pleasant person to live with or to be around? Have I had a chip on my shoulder my whole life that makes me put other people down and makes me want to be in control of just about every situation?

Jesus in todays’ Gospel (Luke 12: 35-40) tells us that we are to live out our lives like someone waiting with eagerness for the bride and the groom to return from their honeymoon….”So how was your trip? Where did you stay? What did you do? Let’s see the photos! Tell me all about it!”

Jesus is telling us that this is the attitude we need to have every day. The Lord is going to reveal himself to us. But we have to wait and to be attentive. A God Whisper

Jesus also talks about our treasure on earth and our inexhaustible treasure in heaven. Where is your heart? What are you really devoted to in your life? Your work? Sitting in front of the computer or the TV? Your sports? Your house? Shopping? Your kids? Your grandkids?

As Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”

One day a religious person met a beggar on the street. “May God give you a nice day,” said the religious man.

“I thank God I never have a bad one,” replied the beggar.

“Then may God give you a happy life,” said the religious man.

“I thank God,” replied the beggar, “that I am never unhappy.”

“What do you mean?” asked the religious man.

“Well,” said the beggar, “When it is sunny and nice – I thank God…..When it pours rain – I thank God…..When I have plenty to eat – I thank God…..When I am hungry or sick – I thank God. And since God’s will is my will – whatever pleases God – pleases me. Why should I say that I am unhappy, when I am not?”

The religious man was astonished at what the beggar was saying. “Who are you?” he asked.

The beggar smiled and said: “I am a king!”

The religious man laughed as he looked at his tattered clothes. “Tell me….where is your kingdom?”

The beggar answered softly, “in my heart!”

If the Kingdom of God is in your heart….
Then you should leave a little bit of heaven wherever you go!

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