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Hugging Will Be Rampant

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I will not reserve my hugs when this is over
I will race down the street hugging everyone
Every single neighbor I have never met
And those I have

There will be no reservations 
I will be throwing my arms around dogs, cats, and the mail lady
They will understand, and will be hugging me back
There will be no masks or gloves

My grandchildren will screech into my driveway on two wheels.
I will be out there waiting; we will run toward each other
We will hug and scream and laugh and hug 
We will celebrate three birthdays we have already missed

Hugging will be rampant
Out of control
The police may have to come
Because of all the screaming and yelling and hugging!

Who is the FIRST person you want to hug?

Who is the LAST person you want to hug?

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