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There is something a little bit depressing about Labor Day weekend. For Labor Day weekend signals the psychological end, at least, to summer with its periods of refreshment, and the start again, for many of us, of the more hectic rhythm of life and work at school, in college, at the office or at home. So let me ask you: How is your work? Are you giving of yourself at work? Is work a place where you sacrifice for a cause?

I find it helpful to remember the story of the little girl who, in the process of growing up, discovered that more than anything else she wanted to be able to mow the lawn.

But each season she was told that she was too young. The great day came, however, when her parents decided that, at last, she was old enough to do the task.

She did it with surprising skill and great delight, and having finished admiring her work, she began to cast long, envious glances across the fence at the neighbor’s lawn, which also needed cutting.

The neighbor, seeing her interest, said, “Sally, would you like to cut my lawn?” And the little girl enthusiastically said Yes.’

“Well, let’s see…how about $10.00?” said the neighbor.

The little girl’s face fell, and she turned away, shaking her head.

“What’s the matter?” asked the neighbor.

“I only have $5.00,” said the little girl. A God Notice

Special thanks to Brett Blair, and C. Wayne Hilliker

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