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I Surrender All!

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Lord! I surrender all to you, everything I got, everything I’m not.
From this day forward you call the shots. I know I cry a lot.
Father, I am trying my best to chill, all I really want is your will.

I have to be honest, I lose patience. You know my heart. 
I am just being real. Surrendering all is not an easy task,
But because you love me, on you my cares I cast.

Being a child of God is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. 
Through my trials you are helping me to see.
These tests are bringing me into my ministry. 

I love you because you first loved me.
God for these reasons without any doubt, I have decided to stand tall. 
Jesus!  “I Surrender All!” 

By Eugene Jenkins, Jr. 

More than a few of us have reached A MOMENT TO SURRENDER TO GOD.  

I had a moment to surrender to God on January 27, 2022 when Dr. Thompson at Mayo Clinic told me I had first stage bladder cancer. I spent many moments that day surrendering to God. Fortunately, another test the next day said I did not have bladder cancer. A week does not go by that I am not discussing a serious life-threatening illness with someone who calls me or emails me.  The call becomes….


A moment to surrender your life back to God

A moment to surrender your stress back to God

A moment to surrender all your worries back to God

A moment to surrender your anxiety back to God

A moment to surrender your depression back to God

A moment to surrender your anger back to God

A moment to surrender your love back to God

By Aldo Kraas

Think of a time when YOU had a profound MOMENT TO SURRENDER TO GOD. 


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