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If You Drop Me I’ll…

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It’s hard to let go, to turn our lives over to another person, to a spouse, a family member, a doctor when we are really sick, and to God. We want to be in control of our lives. As we get older we more and more lose control. We are called upon or even forced to let go.

The mountain climber who slipped and was left dangling on a rope called out to God to save him. “I’ll save you,” God says, “but you’ll have to let go of the rope.” The man thinks and thinks and finally shouts out, “Is there anybody else up there I can talk to?”

To grow spiritually we need to discover the faith of a little child whose father throws him up into the air and catches him. The first few times the child is terribly afraid. But after awhile the child screams with delight and enjoys it. We need to develop this kind of relationship with God.

When life or God himself throws us up into the air, or even hangs us from that rope, we need to feel God ever closer and closer to us.

We need a faith similar to when you are fishing and you catch a fish. You don’t see or hear the fish, but you know he’s there. You know that because you can feel him tugging on the line.

To grow spiritually in our faith
We need to feel God tugging on our hearts.

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