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I’m Blessed!

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I’m Blessed!

I’m blessed to be alive.
One of the chosen few
That’ll see the sunrise
And feel the early dew.

I’m blessed to be alive
Living on his promise
With my joy in overdrive
He cancels my demise.

I’m blessed to be alive
Covered by divine grace
Favor into which I dive
With smiles on my face.

I’m blessed to be alive
All healthy, happy and fit
Comes trials, I’ll survive
By his grace, I’ll make it.

IBy Ivan Brooks, Sr.  

After weeks and weeks of being isolated and confined to our homes, we can easily become negative and depressed most of the time. It is hard to step back from our present pandemic. But we need to do so and realize that we are blessed. 

How have you been blessed these past weeks in spite of the coronavirus pandemic?

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We need to assist each other through these trying times with help and strength from the Lord.     I can be reached at     Blessings!!

Fr. Med Laz

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