I’m Just Not Worth It!

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In 1959, 40-year-old Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox was suffering from a pinched nerve in his neck. “It was so bad that I could hardly turn my head to look at the pitcher,” he said. 

For the first time in his remarkable career, he batted under .300 hitting just .254 and only ten home runs. Williams was the highest salaried player in sports that year, making $125,000. 

The next year, the Red Sox offered him the same contract. “I told them I wouldn’t sign it until they gave me the full pay cut allowed, 28 percent. My feeling was that I was always treated fairly by the Red Sox. They were offering me a contract I didn’t deserve.” 

Ted Williams cut his own salary by $35,000!

Are YOU as honest with yourself as Ted Williams was with himself?

Are YOU as honest with others about yourself as Ted Williams was honest with the Boston Red Sox about himself?

If true honesty does not start with YOU, why should you expect others in public life to be any different? 


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