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I’m Too Exhausted!

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There is a parable about a man who fell into the water. It was obvious that the poor fellow couldn’t swim, as he thrashed about wildly. 

A man on the banks, a strong swimmer, watched until the wild struggles subsided. Then he dove in and pulled the man to safety. When the rescue was over, the rescuer explained his slowness to act. “If I had jumped in immediately, he would have been strong enough to drown us both. Only by waiting until he was too exhausted to try to save himself, could I save him.”

It seems to be all too easy for us to be like that drowning man. Our self-efforts can actually prevent us from being saved! 

Unfortunately, some people must reach the point of being too exhausted to continue trying to save themselves before they become willing to trust Jesus our Savior and accept his gift of salvation.

Thanks to Michael P. Green for sharing. 

When have YOU been so exhausted that you finally let God take over?


Despite all the civil unrest and the assassination of the president in Haiti, life still goes on for 11 million wonderful people in Haiti. Raygine Francois, the woman I work with in Haiti with Hearts for Humanity, just started the 6-week summer Discover Coding Camp. Over 30 students, age 8 to 16 will learn safely online how to do coding. Through many generous donations, Sr. Giselle Bosse will welcome in October dozens of very poor students to the newly-completed Our Lady of Wisdom School in Lizon, Haiti. Thank you for your wonderful support that goes beyond all the trouble in the streets.

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