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Income Tax Day

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What are you sure of? What is it that you know that you know that you know?  

There is a saying that the only sure things are death and taxes. In fact, taxes are even surer than death as someone will have to file your last income tax statement for you even after you die.  

Life raises the stakes on each of us from time to time taking away our certainties. The spread of the coronavirus throughout the world and our own country has taken away many of our life-long certainties. 

You are certain that you have the whole job thing under control until coworkers start whispering news that the company might not make it through the end of the year. Or maybe you are among the many millions who have been laid off due to COVID-19. 

You are certain you’ve raised your kids well until the phone rings and it’s the police. 

You are certain that your husband still has eyes only for you until he starts coming home later and seems distant in a way you can’t quite put your finger on. 

You are certain that life is under control until a routine examination finds a lump and your doctor wants to schedule a biopsy, but can’t, because of the virus.

Uncertainty has a way of creeping in on each one of us. Just when everything seems to be under control and life is working out right, a pandemic comes along and wrecks it all, leaving you to wonder what went wrong.    A God Whisper

What happened to that sense of control that you had? What happened to that feeling that something was certain? 

Thanks to Frank Logue for a few of these ideas.

How has a very different Easter this year and the coronavirus helped you to look at your life differently? 

How have these made you into a better and a more open person to those around you, than you were a year ago?

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