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Inconvenient Trouble!

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Was Easter Sunday just another day on your 2024 calendar? Did Easter Sunday this year have a real and a lasting impact on you and change the way you see some things?

You are in a department store. It’s five minutes to closing…..every second counts. You must make one more purchase on the top floor, so you rush to the escalator only to find yourself trying to go up the down escalator. Frustration sets in, your heartbeat increases and under your breath you say a few choice words as you rush to the other side.

Another setting…..Dinner is just about to be served. Some very special people are your guests. Candles are lighted, the food is on the table, and you’ve waited to the last possible minute to uncork the wine. You want the temperature to be perfect, for your guests are connoisseurs of the grape. Down goes the corkscrew, you are careful, you begin to pull the cork out only to find it disintegrating with pieces dropping back into the wine bottle.

The times that try people’s souls are usually not the times they plan to have their souls tried. Trouble is never convenient. None of us would say, “Well, I feel great today, everything is going fine, I think it is a good time to have a little trouble in my life.”

Yet to become sad or mad over these types of problems is to protest the very fabric of the world. It would make just as much sense to protest that water is wet, that snow is cold, and that studying is hard work. So, what else is new? Therefore, react to the down escalator with a smile and walk to the other side. Find a strainer and remove the pieces of cork. 

In the Risen Jesus we have the power to meet annoyance and problems, both great and small, with patience and joy. God’s power was released as the seal was broken on a borrowed tomb. 

Resurrection power is unleashed on Easter Sunday!!

This same power of the Resurrection is offered to you and me today. Patience and even a smile can be our response when the baby coughs up all over her Sunday dress as we are walking proudly into church with her. She is not the first baby who has messed up a dress nor will she be the last.

So you have problems and annoyances? – congratulations! Problems are part of being alive – they only leave with death. But remember, you also have the power of the Risen Jesus alive and working in you! Therefore, there can be great joy in all things in your life!  (James 1:2)

Thanks to John H. Krahn for these thoughts.   Thanks to Debby Hudson for the photo. 

What Easter incident in YOUR life this year was overcome with Resurrection power?


Others need a little inspiration today:  Enjoy my Podcast. 

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