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Inner Peace Is a Powerful Virus

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There is an email going around that warns us that a very powerful virus is spreading in epidemic proportions. The virus is called “Inner Peace.” It says that the symptoms of inner peace could pose a serious threat to what has, up until now, been a fairly stable condition of conflict in the world. Here are the signs and the symptoms of inner peace:

+ A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences.

+ An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.

+ A loss of interest in judging other people.

+ A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.

+ A loss of interest in conflict.

+ A loss of the ability to worry. (This is a very serious symptom.)

+ Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

+ Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature.

+ Frequent attacks of smiling.

+ An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.

+ An increased susceptibility to the love extended by others as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it.
From Sharon Moon

The Risen Jesus said again and again: Peace be with you!” (John 20:21)

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