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Interruptions Are the Spice of Life!

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So often we claim we don’t have time to give others our full attention and to help other people who infringe on what we are doing.

So often what is really important in life happens when people interrupt what we are doing. The interruption itself becomes an exclamation point of what life is really all about.

Jesus’ life was often one interruption after another. Read this passage in Matthew’s Gospel: Matthew 9:9-26.
a. Matthew is hard at work at his customs post and Jesus interrupts him (Matt. 9:9).
b. Jesus is sitting at the table and many tax collectors and sinners interrupt him (Matt 9:10).
c. Then his disciples come loaded with questions and interrupt his dinner (Matt 9: 14).
d. While Jesus is talking, Jairus comes, interrupts, and tells Jesus his daughter is dying (Matt 9:18).
e. As Jesus gets up to leave, a woman suffering from hemorrhages, interrupts him. (Matt 9:20).

You and I go through a whole day very frustrated by interruptions! “I couldn’t get a THING done today!”

Let us pray that God would open our eyes, ears, hands and hearts to such interruptions in which God provides us opportunities to give healing and love to those who so desperately need it from us! A God Flash

Interruptions are the spice of life!

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