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We step into the fire
To keep the flames at bay
Fighting well the battle
That greets us every day

Armed with hope and knowledge
Ready for the fight
Making you feel better
So you can sleep at night

Always providing comfort
To all that have a need
Setting an example
Of what it is to lead

As flames fade into cinders
And the smoke begins to clear
We will still be with you
To take away the fear

By Robert Longley


The words of the Author, Robert Longley:

Into the Fire is an inspirational poem about the challenges that nurses (and other healthcare workers) are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of us catch sound bites on the news but otherwise might not see the direct impact of the virus. At the time of this writing, the three-month death toll of the United States is about to surpass our death toll of the entire Vietnam War. As traumatic as that period was on our society, imagine the casualties of 15 years of war from 1960 – 1975 compressed into 90 days. This is what healthcare workers are currently dealing with on a daily basis. They are just dealing with bullets that they can’t see. 

Not a perfect comparison, but most of us haven’t seen anything else like this, on this scale, in our lifetime. I spent 8 years in the military myself so I know the differences. This is not about trying to compare the horrors of war with the horrors of a pandemic. It’s about courage and resilience of those who have had to deal with both. 

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In what ways has the courage and the tireless efforts of the nurses, doctors and healthcare workers touched you?

What do you hope will be the lasting effect of their courage and tireless efforts on YOUR mental, emotional and spiritual life? Why do you say this?

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