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It Is So Hard For Us to Wait

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“Wait”is a cruel word for our frenetic, frenzied, whirling, busy world. We are so impetuous and impatient. Why write it when you can email or text it? We expect instant results and instant action. After all, we have instant foods and instant drinks, so why not instant results and instant responses? 

We can’t wait. We want people to understand now! We want people to change now! Waiting for the Lord’s leading and timing is so hard, but still Jesus said to do it: “Wait for the promised Holy Spirit.” Don’t run ahead of God, for if you run without waiting on God, you will run with no power (and with disastrous results).

If you try to “hurry up” the hatching of a baby bird or chick, you only destroy the baby to be born. So, too, when we run ahead of God we destroy the wonderful plan that God has in mind.

So, having been told to “wait,” the disciples went to that upper chamber to wait and to pray. In fact, they devoted themselves to prayer. What must it have been like as they met in that room for the first two or three days? They too were isolated from the world. They were facing a different kind of pandemic. 

They would be gathered in close physical proximity, but their wills might well have been miles apart. The confinement would lend itself to arguments and dissension. Remember, these were normal people like you and me.

There had been a lot of disagreements among them previously. They had experienced sharp divisions over rank, importance, and who would have the highest seat. They were strong-willed persons with conflicting ideas. 

But the waiting and the praying began to do something for them, for the scripture says that they (on the tenth day of waiting), when the Spirit came, were of one accord! Imagine that! As they prayed and waited they became fully open to God and more loving toward each other. Such harmony and peace prepared their hearts to receive the Holy Spirit, as they did on Pentecost. 

Thanks to Barbara Brokhoff for these thoughts. 

The Holy Spirit’s Voice Is as Loud as Your Willingness to Wait and to Listen. 

What is the toughest part of waiting on God that bothers you?  Why do you say that?

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