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It Takes Just a Little Bit

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The Kingdom of God, said Jesus, is like a mustard seed that is planted in a field, but when it is grown it becomes a tree so large that birds nest in it (Matthew 13:31-32).

We live in a society that is enamored with bigness. We have gone beyond big churches to mega-churches. We are overwhelmed with and bedazzled by huge social problems such as world hunger and children in crises. As a result, we sometimes overlook the tiny seed problems that are at the root of so many of these difficult situations.

In 1989 there was a routine United Airlines flight to Chicago that turned out to be anything but routine. In flight the plane’s middle engine fell apart. Pieces of blade and shrapnel flew through the air cutting through the planes hydraulic lines.
They had to make an emergency landing in Sioux City Iowa. Some of us probably remember those dramatic films of the plane somersaulting down the runway in a ball of fire, killing half of those who were aboard.

The cause of that crash in time became known. It was revealed that when the titanium fan hub was being manufactured an air bubble “the size of a mustard seed” was made into the metal.

This bubble went unnoticed for 20 years and six inspections. The imperceptible bubble lead to a crack and the crack lead to a fracture and the fracture brought the entire plane down.

How can it be, we wonder with amazement, that so tiny a bubble could have such an enormous impact on something so large and powerful? We should not underestimate the impact of little events.

Sometimes it takes just a little bit of love to redeem a situation. Sometimes it takes just a little bit of grace to bring about healing. Sometimes it takes just a little bit of patience to work with people. Never underestimate what you can do today with something the size of a mustard seed.

Thanks to Brett Blair for sharing this story

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