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It’s Up to Us – Part II

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This is actually an exciting time — and down deep we know it. It’s not “more of the same” anymore. It is a time beyond yesterday and too soon for tomorrow. It is somewhere we never intended to go but which now has the feeling of coming. In our time. Where we are. In social collapse, maybe. In the shrinking of democracy, perhaps … to the control of robots, and artificial intelligence, and pathological individualism, and random violence, and, possibly, spiritual depth rather than simply religious rules. 

It is, in other words, also time for great faith. But what does that mean, really? A great deal. 

This awareness of our own responsibility for this country, for this globe, is the faith of which Scripture speaks. It is more than the childlike “faith” we grew up on about God solving our problems while we sit back, hymnbooks and bidding prayers in hand, and wait to be saved. It is about tilling and tending, about dominion and purpose. About taking the creation that God began and ourselves finishing the project.

As we struggle to find the way to equality, to peace, to global collaboration ourselves, God companions us all the way.

This adult faith rests in the conscious awareness that God — the creator God who has given us everything we need to solve our own problems, if we only will — is really with us.

By Sr. Joan Chittister, O.S.B

There will be more of this article tomorrow.

Thanks to Simon Berger for the photo. 

What are YOUR thoughts about what Sr. Joan is saying? Are YOU still trying to live off of your childlike “faith” where God solved YOUR problems, while YOU sat back, hymnbooks and bidding prayers in hand, and waiting to be saved? Are YOU taking the creation God began and working to finish it? 


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