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What is Jesus’ cure for what is troubling you and me? 

“Come unto ME.” A call not to join an organization, to follow an ethic, a new teaching, or even a way of life, but a call to meet a Person, an invitation to come directly to Him, and through Him, to God. Jesus is the Door. Jesus is the Way.

A distraught lady called the police station and went on for several minutes about her missing dog, Fifi. Finally, the police officer said, “I’m sure Fifi’s smart and will find her way home.” 

The lady said, “Oh, yes, she’s the smartest dog in the whole world, as smart as any person.” The policeman replied, “Then, you better hang up the phone; Fifi’s probably trying to call you.”

Jesus is trying to call us. We should hang up the phone with all of our other priorities and listen for Jesus’ call.

Where is the best place and when is the best time for Jesus to call you?

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