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Jesus Chose a Donkey!

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If God can use a stinky little donkey for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem in the triumphant fulfillment of his plan, then just maybe, God’s got a plan for you and me too.

You know donkeys really aren’t all that great. They’re stubborn, they’re smelly, they’re small, not really able to do that much. 

But Jesus used a donkey in his most triumphant public moment here on earth. He could have chosen a white stallion outfitted for battle as he’s portrayed in the Book of Revelation.  A God Touch

He could have chosen a camel decked out in sumptuous velvets. But he chose a donkey.

The words of Guy Caley

How is God using a simple, ordinary YOU to carry Jesus to those who are lonely and hurting during this coronavirus pandemic?

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Fr. Med Laz

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