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Just a Headache

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There was a man who had been suffering with a headache for several days.  Finally, he went to see a doctor.  

However, the office nurse who looked and acted like a drill sergeant greeted him gruffly.  When he told her about his headache, she barked in a loud stern voice: “Go into that examination room, take off your clothes and put on this hospital gown.  The doctor will be there in a few minutes.”  

The man protested, “But ma’am,” he said.  “I really don’t need to go through all of that.  I just have this chronic headache.”  To which the nurse answered, “Sir, did you hear what I said?  You go into that examination room and put on that hospital gown right now!”

And so the man did.  When he got into the room and closed the door, he discovered another man already sitting in there wearing a hospital gown.  The man with the headache said to the other guy, “This is ridiculous.  I don’t know what in the world I’m doing in here.  This is crazy.  I just have a headache.”  

The other man said, “You think you’ve got problems.  I just came in here to adjust the air conditioning.”

That nurse had power, didn’t she?  She had the power of brute force or blatant intimidation. This is the power that some politicians use or people with extreme wealth use. 

Real and lasting power is knowing God’s presence in our lives… and what that presence produces… integrity, honesty, and commitment to a greater cause.  

The sense of being God’s co-worker, the assurance of God’s love… there is nothing in the whole world more powerful than that.

How do you see God’s presence in your life producing integrity, honesty, and commitment to a greater cause?


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