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“Let My People Go!”

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I once stood in that old frame church in Richmond, Virginia, with its old-fashioned, boxed-in pews. 

I shut my eyes and heard a man say again, “Give me liberty or give me death,” and I thought how fitting it was that he said it in a church, for that’s where it was born – not on a battlefield, not at a political rally, but in the matrix of man’s stubborn faith. 

It did not start in Richmond nor Valley Forge nor Philadelphia. You see its beginning way back in Egypt, where Moses, believing in the living God and that human beings were made in God’s likeness, set out to make God’s people free. 

“Let my people go.” The fierce spirit of liberty has always been at the core of our Hebrew-Christian faith.

Thanks to J. Wallace Hamilton for his words and reflection. 

Whom do YOU look to as Moses in our world today to set us free?

You Are Not Always Going to Make Great Decisions, But God Sees Your Heart and Will Bless You Anyway. 

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