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Lift Up Thine Eyes

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Norman Rockwell has done a painting titled “Lift Up Thine Eyes”.

Shown in his painting is the magnificent entrance to an urban cathedral. Vaulted high above its carved gothic doors are statues of the prophets, apostles, and martyrs. And right in the center is Jesus Christ, sitting on a throne at the right hand of God.


On the sidewalk below the cathedral move the busy throngs of people amidst the noise and fumes of cars and taxis. The pastor of the church has just finished changing the public bulletin board. The sign, written for edification of the passers-by, reads: “Lift Up Thine Eyes!”A God Alert

The irony, of course, is in the scene below. Each person in the passing crowd is caught up with his or her own thoughts. No one looks up. Most appear gloomy, harried, and depressed. They hurry on with eyes glued to the pavement. Some are lugging their briefcases like millstones.

What a picture of modern life! God’s word paints much the same kind of painting for you who have taken time out from counting the cracks in your sidewalks to come into a church and Lift Up Thine Eyes.

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